A speedy lunchtime facial to erase signs of ageing

by Carly Hibbins

Skincare • 16 May 2020

Struggling to find time for your skincare routine in your busy schedule? We’ve got you covered. This week, Our Senior Graphic Designer, Sarah, shows you how a speedy lunchtime facial can help to erase signs of ageing.

When I’m not busy with work, I’m homeschooling my daughter, so as you can imagine I’ve been finding little time to myself lately, let alone for my normal skincare routine! So instead I’ve been using my lunch hour for some much needed me-time and I’ve put together my own anti-ageing facial. This routine is perfect for anyone looking to treat fine lines, wrinkles and tighten their skin. It also finishes with a relaxing Gua sha massage, which relieves any tension and gives me a healthy, glowing complexion.

Focus on the eyes

First I like to focus on tackling any wrinkles around the eyes using the Nira Skincare Laser. This device has a small surface area so it’s perfect for delivering a targeted treatment around the eyes and mouth. But there’s no reason you can’t also use it on other areas of the face too. You’re able to get much closer to the eye bag and crow’s feet area, unlike many other devices which have a larger surface area and don’t allow room for this kind of treatment.

This nifty device only takes 2 minutes to complete a treatment, so it’s perfect for fitting into a busy schedule like mine. I’m currently using it to focus on the wrinkles around my eyes, and I have a very deep wrinkle on my forehead that I’ve been working on since we’ve been in lockdown - I’m happy to say that it’s definitely improving!

Nira Skincare Laser uses non-fractional laser to penetrate below the skin’s surface. The laser beam kick-starts the natural production of collagen, without damaging the upper layers of the skin. As the skin is heated, the dermal cells send out Heat Shock Protein Formation (HSP), which stimulates skin cell rejuvenation, increasing the production of collagen. It sounds painful but the only thing you feel is a slight sensation of heat. It’s been designed so that the laser beam is fired into the skin just below the pain threshold.

Tighten your skin

Next I move onto tightening and toning my complexion. Silk’n FaceTite harnesses 3 powerful energy sources, heating all of the cell layers to repair any damaged tissue. The warmth stimulates the skin’s renewing properties, tightening the skin to reveal a younger-looking complexion. The combination of Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy, and IR Heat Energy works by heating the exterior of the skin to a maximum of 43°C and the deeper layers to a maximum of 50°C, treating the signs of ageing from the inside out.

More specifically, Bi-Polar RF Energy plays an important role in strengthening the deeper layer of the skin, to firm up the complexion. The LED Light Energy balances the skin and ensures optimal recovery, which means there’s no down time from the treatment. Then IR Heat Energy helps to achieve the maximum temperature needed to stimulate the collagen and elastin fibres, and also improves the overall structure of the skin.

You can completely tailor your treatments too with 5 power modes to choose from. You should look to increase the intensity over time as your skin gets used to the treatment, starting from 1 and building up.

You should see visible results in 5 weeks, so it’s really important to be consistent with your treatments. As I’ve been using mine since we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve noticed a big different in the suppleness of my complexion. My wrinkles and fine lines and definitely starting to look much smoother too.

Sculpt your face and relax your mind

Finally, I use my Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Face Massage Tool to destress with a Gua Sha massage. The art of Gua Sha is an age-old Chinese medicine technique, designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.

When you’re stressed, blood circulation diverts away from the skin, to the muscles, which contributes to signs of ageing. Using a massage technique with a tool like Hayo’u Beauty Restorer helps to rectify this by stimulating collagen production and drawing blood to the skin to increase circulation by up to 400%. It’s great for my mind too, the Beauty Restorer is made from natural Xiuyan Jade, which is known for its soothing and restorative abilities.

It’s really easy to use, the facial massage ritual only takes one minute to complete. You apply the Hayo’u Beauty Oil to all areas of the face and neck you want to treat. Then take the Beauty Restorer and begin pressing gently around key areas of the face; the forehead, under the eyes, and around the sides of the mouth and neck. Stroke the focused areas until the skin starts to appear a little flushed - this is normal as it’s the blood being drawn to the epidermis of the skin. Next you can relieve tension by using the tips of the tool to press and rotate slowly across the acupressure points on the face. Focusing on your forehead and around your eyes is particularly good if you stare at a screen all day like me. Wipe the tool and your face clean when you’re finished.

The Hayo’u Beauty Oil has its own benefits too, formulated with Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Karanja Oil and Calendula, it deeply moisturises the skin, whilst combating oxidative stress and UV radiation damage. The lightweight oil is also the perfect skin saviour, treating skin conditions (eczema, acne and psoriasis etc.), correcting pigmentation and repairing dry and flaky skin.

I love this treatment, it’s so relaxing and gives me an instantly glowing, plumped complexion too. I’d say it’s one of my favourites as I can see the results instantly, so it’s a nice way to finish off my anti-ageing facial by seeing my skin become more much supple straight away.

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