Best Mother’s Day Present & Gift Ideas For Mum 2023

• 25 April 2023

Get creative this Mother’s Day with these luxurious gift ideas to refresh her daily beauty and wellness rituals. Ideal for son’s and daughter’s looking for that perfect present for their Mum, but not quite sure where to begin.

We’ve rounded up the best beauty tools, devices and skincare formulations for thoughtful Mother’s Day 2023 gifting, tried and tested by real mums, looking for real results.

Refresh and rejuvenate the eyes: CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector

Rachel wants nothing more than a skincare routine that effortlessly slots into her busy schedule. And for that, she relies on the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector. Loved by celebrity makeup artists to refresh and brighten eyes before the red carpet, powerful LED wavelengths target fine lines, dark circles and eye bags.

“My eyes have always been my problem area. I can see a real difference in my brow 11’s and crow’s feet after just a few weeks and I’m so encouraged to keep going.”

Salon-worthy hair removal from home: SmoothSkin Bare+ Pink

Achieve salon results from the comfort of your own home with extremely fast and effective IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology. Bright flashes of light heat up the hair follicles, preventing them from regrowing hair.

SmoothSkin Bare+ flashes 100 times a minute – and with unlimited flashes, you can do your whole body in just 10 minutes. That's faster than any other at-home IPL device. Start seeing results as soon as 4 weeks, with up to 97% less hair within 12 weeks. There’s only 1 setting and 2 treatment modes supported by built-in safety sensors, making it incredibly comfortable and easy to use.  


Fast and effective cleansing: Clarisonic Mia Smart

Tasha believes that when it comes to skincare, less is definitely more. Loyal to her favourite devices for keeping her complexion clear and radiant, the Clarisonic Mia Smart is her daily cleansing go-to. Clinically proven to cleanse skin 6 times better than hands alone, it’s been a saviour for getting her skincare routine back on track. 

"I love my Clarisonic, it's really quick and easy to use. I can use it with one hand whilst brushing my teeth with the other – great when the kids are screaming and banging on the door!”

Plump, hydrated skin: DERMAFLASH Skincare

Elevate any skincare routine with the gently exfoliating Botanical Ketoacid Toner and the nourishing Active Cocooning Serum from DERMAFLASH. Sourced from the hibiscus flower, gentle botanical acids remove dead skin cells, without causing dryness or irritation. A combination of peptides and antioxidants deliver fast-acting radiance while mediterranean lavender relaxes wrinkles. Prebiotics and probiotics rebalance and strengthen the skin barrier and microbiome, essential for a happy and healthy complexion. 

Anti-pollution molecules protect against pollution and blue light damage for preventative anti-ageing and skin clarity. Pair with the DERMAFLASH LUXE+ and DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE treatments to enhance their exfoliating and brightening benefits. Simply use morning and night after cleansing (or every DERMAFLASH treatment) for glowing results. 

The spa experience: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer

Bring that fresh spa-feeling home with the warming, pore-purifying facial steamer from Sarah Chapman. The ideal addition to any cleansing routine to help lift stubborn trapped dirt, oil or makeup from deep within the pores.

Start with an initial cleanse to remove surface impurities, then take 5 to 10 minutes to indulge in a warm, refreshing facial steam. Ideal for using 2 to 3 times per week for cleaner, dewier and more hydrated skin. Make every day a ‘spa day.’

Fast and effective hair removal: Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL5124

As a busy mum of 3, Angela’s no.1 hack is to shave time off her hair removal routine. Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL5124 uses flashes of light to gently heat up hair follicles, stunting unwanted hair growth directly from the root. Over time, this IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology prevents new hairs from growing for permanent, smooth, hair-free skin. 

“You do have to be consistent with your treatments, but it’s 1000% worth it. I can go for 3 months without needing to shave. Which is a huge bonus when you have 3 kids and hardly have a few minutes peace – let alone enough time for a full-body shave!” 


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