Your Guide To The Best Christmas Beauty Gifts & Gadgets of 2023

• 05 December 2023

Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what to gift your nearest and dearest. It’s also the time of year when big-name brands pair their hero products in exclusive beauty gift sets, kits and bundles. Of course, these make the perfect luxury presents for those special someone’s in your life—including you.

But, should you find your inspiration lacking, we've found the best beauty gadgets, beauty stocking fillers and Christmas beauty ideas from the likes of ZIIP, CurrentBody Skin and BeautyBio. We’ve even taken into consideration the latest facial trends of 2023, with advice from celebrity skin experts, facialists and plastic surgeons. Take a look.


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What is the facial trend in 2023?

Among the most popular 2023 facial trends is jawline contouring, reaching its peak popularity in early January with many celebrities—Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michelle and Bella Hadid amongst them—turning to buccal fat removal for permanent facial sculpting. It’s a procedure that removes the buccal fat in the cheeks to accentuate the cheekbones and create a slimmer face. And it’s not a treatment to be taken lightly. 

Many skin experts, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors agree that consumers should be cautious about trending cosmetic procedures, as they might not be suitable for everyone. “I don’t think it should be removed on its own, especially in young people,” says reconstructive and plastic surgeon, Naveen Cavale. “If you remove a lot of fat from the face when someone is young, you have no idea how they will age, especially as fat depletes with age anyway.”

At home electrical beauty devices are a popular alternative to these permanent, in-clinic jawline contouring treatments as they’re quick, easy to use and risk free. Microcurrent facial devices, such as the MyoLift™ Mini Microcurrent Facial Device and ZIIP HALO, are even used by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and ‘Barbie’ superstar, Margot Robbie to achieve their youthful, yet contoured complexions.

For something a little more luxurious, the ZIIP HALO Complete Gift Set features the world’s most powerful facial toning device and the complete range of ZIIP Conductive Gels—each with their own unique skincare benefits for anti-ageing, barrier repair and hydration. Enhance skin radiance, restore elasticity and lift your facial features in minutes with the ZIIP HALO gift set.

Light therapy has also progressively become a trending topic. According to Google Trends, the search volume for 'light therapy' has grown by +66% and 'anti-ageing products' has increased by +81% globally from September 2023. This shows that consumers are not only interested in looking younger, but also searching for a more holistic approach to anti-ageing. 

Specifically, red light therapy is proven to be one of the best ways to naturally stimulate collagen, boost skin elasticity and accelerate cellular healing. And although this technology has been used professionally for years by experts in-clinic, high quality LED light therapy face masks are now readily available for home use. 

New for Christmas 2023, the CurrentBody Skin Limited Edition LED Beauty Gift Set includes an exclusive festive edition of the award-winning LED Face Mask in metallic silver. Paired with the LED enhancing and glow inducing Green Tea Serum (30ml) trusted by dermatologists for reducing hyperpigmentation, and house in a metallic silver travel bag.

Celebrity facialist Fabricio Ormonde, says that combining technologies in a single facial treatment can actually lend itself to even more dramatic results. “I currently combine radio frequency with microcurrent and LED light therapy to address skin tightening, muscle tone and collagen stimulation in a single treatment.” The good news? This multi-tool approach isn’t just for clinicians and facialists. 

For anyone that wants to bring the salon experience home, you can achieve the same anti-ageing results using portable, home use beauty devices. Ideal for topping up your treatment between facial appointments, or simply elevating your beauty routine and skipping the salon altogether.

Emulate Ormonde’s A-list-only facials at home with the CurrentBody Skin Complete Anti-Ageing Facial Kit, which combines the most effective light therapy, microcurrent and radio frequency facial devices in a single gift set—exclusive only for Christmas 2023.

Speaking of at-home facials, the BeautyBio Pro Hydration Facial Gift Set has everything you’ll need to achieve a buttery smooth, hydrated glow from home. The Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool exfoliates dead cells and eliminates blackheads—mimicking the results of a professional hydrofacial in-clinic. This Christmas exclusive comes with 2 gentle salicylic acid concentrates (20ml), along with the brand's new collagen peptide concentrate (50ml) for even more youthful results.

If clogged pores aren't a problem, then you might consider the BeautyBio Showstopping Skincare Heroes Gift Set as the perfect present for anyone wanting to brighten dark circles, calm redness and reduce puffiness. This showstopping set features the award-winning microneedling tool, The Eyelighter Brightening Serum & Depuffing Tool (15ml), along with The ZenBubble Calming Gel Cream (50ml) that improves skin hydration by 65% after a single application.

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Best beauty gadgets of 2023

Whether you're shopping for others (or for yourself), here are some beauty gadgets that really work. We've rounded up the best electrical beauty gadgets, technologies, Christmas gift sets and hair growth bundles at the best prices.

Invest in long-term permanent hair removal with the most powerful IPL device, FOREO PEACH 2. 

Start the day refreshed with the redness reducing, de-puffing 100% hypoallergenic La Luer CryoSculpt facial sculptor. Target the visible signs of ageing from head to toe using he LYMA Laser (Red) System—breakthrough technology addresses body scars, cellulite, spider veins, as well as sagging skin and wrinkles. If you're looking for the perfect pairing of skin radiance and skin tightening, then search no further than the CurrentBody Skin Tighten & Brighten Kit.

As for skincare, the Lancer Skincare Legacy™ Eye Treatment Duo make the best team for total skin brightening.

For the aesthetician, beautician or clinician in your life; don't miss out on the high-performance, portable microcurrent facial machine designed for professional use. The MyoLift™ Mini comes with a comprehensive guide, perfect for beginners or experts in the industry. 

Elevate someone's hair growth journey with the BeautyBio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy to improve hair density by 50% with daily sessions. For more discreet and low maintenance hair growth, the CapillusPlus Hair Regrowth Laser Cap offers life changing results in just 3 to 6 months.


Beauty stocking fillers under $100

Explore our range of beauty stocking fillers at the best prices—from hair accessories, makeup brush cleaners and quartz facial rollers, to teeth whitening pens and brightening serums. Here are the best beauty stocking fillers under $100.

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