Comparing The Best FOREO Devices

• 20 November 2023

Whether you’re looking to sculpt, cleanse or rejuvenate your skin, FOREO has a device for you. We’ve rounded up the best from each category to cover all your skincare needs and what to pair them with for optimal results. Integrate these ultra-smart devices easily into your daily routine to achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.


FOREO comparison


FOREO LUNA 4 Plus Smart Facial Cleansing & Anti-Ageing Device

If you’re looking for the fastest anti-ageing cleanse, then you’ve come to the right place. Powered by near-infrared and red LED light wavelengths, this clever device offers never-seen-before cleansing technology. Effortlessly reduce the signs of ageing while you cleanse in just 60 seconds.

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy boosts collagen and elastin levels, resulting in plumper and more youthful-looking skin. Pair this with skin tightening, sculpting and lifting microcurrent massages to give your skin the ultimate youth-boost you’ve been looking for. 

Pair with the FOREO LUNA Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0 

The cleansing dream team! Achieve silky soft, healthy, glowing skin with every LUNA 4 Plus cleanse. Simply apply this creamy cleanser to damp skin and watch as it transforms into pore-purifying micro-bubbles. Amino acids and vitamin E help to nourish and hydrate skin for a gentle, yet powerful daily cleanse. 


FOREO BEAR™ 2 Facial Toning Device

FOREO BEAR microcurrent

It’s no secret that 20-somethings are turning to clinic-based treatments for their anti-ageing prevention. That’s why we know you’ll love the effect of this hand-held device to kickstart your youth-preserving beauty routine.

Give your skin a quick pick-me-up with microcurrent technology, T-Sonic™ Pulsations and app-guided facial toning treatments. The results? Fresher, plumper and healthier-looking skin from home. 

Pair with the FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0

This hydrating serum has been uniquely formulated to use with FOREO microcurrent devices for optimum conductivity. Suitable for all skin types, this lightweight gel balances oil production, reinforces the skin barrier and preserves luminosity.

Packed with antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid, you can also wear this serum on its own within your skincare routine. Looking for a flawless finish? Layer underneath makeup for a smooth, long-lasting base. 


FOREO UFO 3 Advanced Skin Wellness Device

Skip the wait on your 20-minute sheet mask and condense all the benefits into a single 90-second treatment. Sync with the FOREO ‘For You’ app to unlock pre-programmed routines.

Each treatment has a specially chosen temperature combination and pulsation intensity to address specific areas or skin concerns. Brighten skin and calm redness with LED light therapy, reduce puffiness with Cryo-therapy and increase mask absorbency with T-Sonic™ Pulsations. 

Pair with FOREO UFO Activated Masks

Take your UFO routine to a whole new level with these Korean-inspired masks. Packed with powerful active ingredients to detoxify, brighten, nourish and hydrate. Tackle any skin concern—whether you’re looking for a quick revitalisation or to protect against pollution. There’s a mask for everyone. 


FOREO BEAR™ Body Microcurrent Toning Device

body sculpting

If your beauty wishlist includes reducing cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, arms and abs—then look no further than the FOREO BEAR™ Body. This hand-held microcurrent device tackles the appearance of dimples while tightening and smoothing the skin on a cellular and muscular level.

Personalise your sessions with 10 adjustable intensities to improve firmness and elasticity in 1 week. Ready to take things up a notch? Connect to the FOREO app to access exclusive 'Cellulite Booty Camp' video-guided sessions. 

Pair with the FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0

Apply this lightweight gel to clean, dry skin before every FOREO microcurrent session—no matter whether it's on the face or body. Uniquely formulated to optimise current conductivity, it's the perfect FOREO BEAR™ Body partner. 


FOREO BEAR™ eyes & lips Microcurrent Line Smoothing Device

FOREO undereyes

We'd all love an instant undereye 'refresh' to smooth fine lines, lift our brows and depuff dark circles in the mornings (or before that big event) to look and feel our very best. Well, look no further.

The FOREO BEAR™ eyes & lips not only brightens the eye area in seconds, but also blurs fine lines and wrinkles. Take your glow-up a step further with small circular motions over the lips to create volume and plumpness. 

Pair with the FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ eyes & Lip Contour Booster

Gentle enough for the eye and lip areas, this hyper-concentrated gel naturally plumps and energises the skin using antioxidant-rich caffeine and replenishing rose water. It's fast absorbing, light-reflecting and ideal for increasing skin elasticity. Designed to fit perfectly into the FOREO BEAR™ eyes & lips device, it's never been easier to 'refresh' on the go.

Vinona Baines Beauty Editor
Professional makeup artist and copywriter, Vinona has over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry. She's worked for MAC Cosmetics, 456 Skin and backstage at London Fashion Week. Her expertise ranges from skincare, makeup to beauty tech.
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