Everything you need to know about Microneedling

by Alan Harding

Skincare • 19 June 2018

From diminishing acne scars to improving skin texture, Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment that can rejuvenate your complexion in minutes. This unique treatment will instantly smooth skin and give you a more radiant glow. Plus it also offers long-lasting anti-ageing benefits, by stimulating the natural production of collagen to treat fine lines and wrinkles. We’re here to explain what Microneedling is and how you could benefit from this rejuvenating treatment.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling uses a range of tiny needles across a roller device to create a minute injury within the skin cells – much like men would experience when shaving. The needles gently separate the skin cells as the device passes over the skin’s surface, creating “microchannels”. This all happens without damaging or perforating the upper layer of the skin. By creating the microchannels, the microneedling device stimulates an ‘injury’ which encourages the growth of new, fesh skin that is smoother and more even in texture.

It also helps by stimulating collagen and elastin, meaning you’re likely to see fewer fine lines and wrinkles as skin becomes tighter and appears more supple. You can also reap the benefits of better absorption of skincare, as the ingredients will melt into the microchannels that have been created, penetrating deeper into the skin.

Why choose microneedling?

Thanks to the kick-start in collagen and elastin production, microneedling can accelerate the natural rejuvenation process to improve skin’s texture, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars as well as enhance your youthful glow. After using a microneedling device, any products that are applied to the skin’s surface will absorb 200 times faster, maximising the application of your favourite skincare.

Essentially, it’s a painless and non-invasive solution compared to traditional cosmetic solutions. As the needles used are so small, they are suitable for use on sensitive skin and are gentle enough to be used around the delicate eye area. There is also no downtime after the treatment, meaning you can easily work it into your regular skincare routine. What’s more, the production of fresher and rejuvenated skin makes for lasting results.

What’s the treatment like?

Firstly, it’s essential to prepare ahead of the treatment. Make sure you have thoroughly cleansed the area before starting your treatment. Using moderate pressure, you would roll the microneedling device over the area of concern between 4 and 10 times, changing direction with each pass. We recommend using the device for at least 2-4 minutes applying an even pressure. You can focus extra attention on particular problem areas, rolling vertically, horizontally and diagonally for best results.

Use a serum or moisturiser afterwards that contains Hyaluronic Acid is highly recommended, to feed the skin moisture and help to plump out the skin too. The microchannels are most receptive during the first 3-5 minutes and we recommend leaving the serum to melt into the skin for 15-60 minutes before applying any other skincare products.

How long is the treatment cycle?

For best results, we recommend microneedling every other day or three times per week. You should replace your heads every 3 months to keep the microneedles in the optimum condition for treatments.

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