VIP Anti-Ageing Treatments

by Chloe Beveridge

Press • 22 May 2018

Exploring the latest trends in the beauty industry, top beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis

"The best anti-ageing treatments used to be the exclusive preserve of the lucky few.

But now, thanks to an onrush of technological innovation, a slew of new beauty devices offer very decent versions of high-tech salon treatments: everything from permanent reduction of unwanted hair to wrinkle-busting, boosting hair growth and treating acne.

In fact, DIY devices have become the hottest sector in the beauty world. A democratic beauty revolution? Who'd have thought it!

You might have to use them a bit more often to get results, since none is as powerful as clinical-grade equipment - but that minor drawback is offset by the convenience of being able to use them in your own home."

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