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Tangram Chrome LED Smart Skipping Rope

Smart LED exercise rope with counter

Tangram Chrome LED Smart Skipping Rope

Smart LED exercise rope with counter

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What you need to know

  • Durable design to withstand shock, wear and tear
  • Use with or without your smartphone device
  • Jumps are tracked by magnetic sensors
  • Suitable for everyone - option of three lengths
  • Charge once for 30 days usage
  • 23 LED lights display up to four characters in mid air

2 Year Warranty official Tangram retailer

Our Expert View

Skipping is considered to be more cardio intense than running or cycling alone, burning more calories and less impactful on joints and bones. Typically considered a repetitive workout, the Tangram Chrome Smart Rope adds an element of fun as you watch the count go up as you jump.

Sensors at the end of the rope track when a jump has been completed, more accurately than a wrist tracker or sensor. This then corresponds to the LED lighting display and projects the number of jumps in mid-air, directly in front of you.

The Chrome LED skipping rope connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, to monitor and track performance. The skipping rope handles have been designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but achieve a comfortable grip with a soft but firm texture.

What's Inside

  • Tangram Chrome Smart Rope
  • Carry pouch

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Why it works

Magnetic sensors on each handle track when a full 360-degree circle has been completed. The handles contain soft alloy ball bearings which make the holding of the skipping rope comfortable when at a 45-degree angle. This makes jumping smooth, fast, and effortless.

When jumping, the height or the position of each jump can be different so the LED display can be set at the right angle which works for each user. This can be adjusted by simply rotating the left handle to move the LED display higher or lower, the brightness can also be adjusted on the Smart Gym app.

It's as simple as

Step 1: Install the 'Smart Gym' app on App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth and connect to the rope on the app.

Step 3: Get ready to work out by powering on the device by holding the power handle in your left hand and the Smart Rope logo facing upwards from the grip of your hand.

Step 4: Jump. Check statistics of the workout and cool down.

make it personal

The better at jumping you get, the more opportunity there is to incorporate tricks into your jumping routine. The magnetic sensors track each 360-degree turn so if your trick still involves a full rotation, it will still be registered as a jump.

It's recommended that you connect your tope to a smartphone to make full use of the SmartRope experience. Track your workouts, plus sync with Apple HealthKit or Google Fitness to track your overall health and fitness.

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Additional Information



X H150 X D30 (mm)

Rope Length

S : 243 cm (152 - 163 cm tall)

M : 258 cm (165 - 175 cm tall)

L : 274 cm (178 - 188 cm tall)

Weight (without packaging)

S : 301 g

M : 308 g

L : 314 g


Bluetooth 4.0 LE,two-way communication with smartphone


23 X 5600K color temperature LED


Full charge in 2 hours, 36 hours of use

Lithium Polymer battery

Soft Grip


W33 X H133 X D33 (mm)


56 g



W210 X H210 X D50 (mm)


58 g

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