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Clarisonic Mia Smart Firming Massage Gift Set + Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head - 1 Years Supply

The gift of smart skincare

Clarisonic Mia Smart Firming Massage Gift Set + Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head - 1 Years Supply

The gift of smart skincare

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What you need to know

  • A multifunctional skincare kit
  • Six times better than manual cleansing
  • Device connects with an app for personalised routines
  • Works with all Clarisonic brush, massage and makeup heads
  • Comes with cleansing and massage heads
  • Suitable for all skin types

2 year warranty Official Clarisonic Retailer

Our Expert View

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or yourself this season, the Mia Smart Uplift Gift set from Clarisonic has everything you need for beautiful skin. Taking beauty intelligence to the next level, Mia Smart device connects to an app on your phone to create a routine that is personalised to your skincare needs. Compact, easy to use and multifunctional, the device is compatible with all Clarisonic attachment heads, making it an effective cleansing brush, massage device and makeup applicator all in one.

What's Inside

  • Mia Smart Device
  • USB Charging stand
  • Daily Radiance Brush head
  • Firming Massage Head
  • Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head x 4
  • Revitalising Brush Head

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Worth $395

Complete with everything you need to perfect your skincare routine, the gift set comes with the Mia Smart Device, Daily Radiance Brush head, Revitalising Brush head, Radiance Cleanser and the Firming Massage head - worth $395.

Sonic Technology

The Mia Smart comes complete with the brand’s patented Sonic Frequency. Using 300 movements per second, the device is able to cleanse the skin six times more effectively than manual cleansing alone, resulting in radiant, glowing skin.

Additional Information


What is Mia Smart?

Mia Smart is Clarisonic’s smartest skin solution created to date. You can cleanse more effectively than you ever could with hands alone, address the appearance of the signs of aging and apply makeup…..all with one device. It’s also our first-ever connected beauty device. You can upload customized routines morning & night to your device based on your skin goals, track your progress, get great information, earn achievements, receive rewards and join in with the Clarisonic community through our Clarisonic app.

What are the benefits of using Mia Smart?

Cleansing: In a test, it cleansed long-wearing makeup approx. 6x better than hands alone.

What is included in the Mia Smart set?

Mia Smart comes with Mia Smart device, NEW Daily Radiance Brush Head, USB charger, Micro-USB stand and a User Guide.

What is the Mia Smart’s warranty period?

The Mia Smart offers a two-year warranty.

Is the Mia Smart waterproof?

Yes. The USB charger and Micro-USB stand, however, should not have any contact with water.

How often does Mia Smart device need to be charged and how long does a full charge last?

Please charge your device 18 hours before first use. The device comes with The Battery Life Indicator that illuminates to indicate battery life status of the device and to prompt you when to charge it. To ensure optimal performance, charge your device when necessary but do not leave it plugged into a power source continually to avoid any issues with battery degradation.

Is Mia Smart compatible with all previous sold Clarisonic Brush Heads?

Yes. The exception to this is the Pedi Smoothing Disc. Mia Smart is compatible with the Luxe Velvet Foam Body Brush, the Body Brush Head and the Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head but you will need to press the power button twice to enter into the proper body mode.

What skincare products can be used with Mia Smart?

Daily Radiance Brush Head: Use with any of your favorite cleansers as long as the formula does not contain exfoliating beads or particles with sharp edges.

Firming Massage Head: Use with an anti-aging moisturizer, emollient serum, or oil. Avoid using any quick-absorbing or mattifying products to ensure the massage head can glide comfortably over the skin without pulling or tugging.

Awakening Eye Massager: Use with your favorite eye cream or eye serum.

Sonic Foundation Brush Head: There’s not a lot of rules around using the Sonic Foundation Brush except we recommend you do not use it with powder formulations or around the eye area. Have fun blending your favorite liquid, stick or cream foundation formulations. Use it to contour or highlight. Try it with a liquid or cream blush. Give it a go with your “go to” BB or CC.

What are the two Cleansing Modes on Mia Smart?

Mia Smart’s two cleansing modes allows you to customize your cleanse to accommodate your skin.

Daily Cleanse: Daily Cleansing for all skin types

Gentle: For use on sensitive skin





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