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E-One Clinic Permanent Hair Removal Device

Get a clinic standard treatment at home

E-One Clinic Permanent Hair Removal Device

Get a clinic standard treatment at home

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What you need to know

  • Permanent, safe and effective hair removal for the whole body
  • Professional clinic strength
  • Complete treatment once every 6-8 weeks
  • Suitable for blonde hair and tanned skin
  • Can be used by both men & women and is suitable for all hair thicknesses including peach fuzz
  • Smoother skin from the very first session

Over 75¸000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide 2 Year Warranty
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Additional Information


Before using E-One, please read the following information carefully:

• Voltage: 100 -240 V.

• Nominal frequency: 50-60 Hz.

• Maximum power consumption: 240 VA.

• Wake sure that the voltage corresponds to that of your installation. Any improper connection may cause permanent damage not covered by warranty.

• This device is intended for personal use at home only and not for professional purposes.

• Do not unplug by pulling the cable of E One.

• Never use E*One with wet hands.

• E: One must never be used in the shower, bath or in any place where water can splash the device (applicator or base).

• Never immerse the base of E*One, its applicator or the optic cartridge in water.

• Never use E One if damaged, never use in case of a functional anomaly appearing on the touch screen, or following a fall (non-visible damage can be detrimental to your safety).

• When using the device, make sure to place it on a flat surface, in a place where the potential of a fall can be avoided.

• E-Swin SAS disclaims any responsibility for any damage resulting from improper use of the device or use other than described in this manual.

• One pair of safety glasses (mask) is provided with the device: these glasses shall be worn at all times when using the device. If other people are close to you while using the E One they should also wear the mask.

• When E One is being used, it must not come into contact with hair, the periocular region delimited by the safety glasses mask (for example: eyebrows and eyelashes must never be flashed with E*One), clothes or any other object, so as to prevent all risk of injury, blockage or impairment.

• The applicator tip must not touch the mask at the time of the flash.

• Never use near an aerosol, a heat source, or any other electronic devices.

• Do not stack on top of other electrical devices.

• Your E-One is provided with a power cord (2 meters long) and an applicator cable (2 meters long). Do not use any extension cables or any cable other than those provided by E-Swin SAS, as this could render the

equipment non-compliant from an electromagnetic point of view.

• The wireless communication equipment must be kept away (about 3 meters) because they may interfere with the proper functioning of the device.

• The device must be installed in an environment unpolluted by electromagnetic disturbance (computer, electrical appliances...).


• If you are pregnant or have diabetes.

• To treat white, grey orred hair Specifically, certain people are born as red phototype I (red hair type). As adults these people may experience a reduction of this essentially orange colour. However, the melanin structure of this hair retains characteristics that render light technologies ineffective for hair removal.

On very dark skin or black skin.

• On an injured, burned, or infected skin.

• On skin that has been sunburnt and whose recovery time is less than one month.

• On skin lesions of unusual aspect, you must first have a medical consultation with your doctor.

• On high-risk areas (blemishes, birthmarks, warts, unhealed wounds...).

• On moles: if they are located on the zone to be treated, they must first be protected, specifically by covering them with the self-adhesive patches provided with your E-One.

• On tattooed areas: permanent makeup (e.g. lip tattoos) or cosmetic tattoos, whatever their colour. If this is the case, use the delimitation plate stop that came with your E One.

• If you have a skin condition (eczema, inflammation, acne...).

• If you are taking medication that can lead to photosensitivity (please ask your doctor before use)

• If there is a history of skin diseases, you will need to obtain medical advice before using the E One.

• Do not use on animals.


• Any use of E One by an under aged person must be performed under the supervision of an adult.

• Always store away the E*One after each use, out of reach of children. Unplug the power cord and store it in its original bag and wind back the applicator cable around the applicator support cables provided for this purpose.



You should take care about the use of artificial UV radiation. Regarding high pressure UV dispensed by high powered machines, it is advisable to wait a few days before or after such a session before starting treatment with E-One.


When exposed to sunlight after a treatment session with E-One, it is imperative to use a sunscreen of very high protection on the treated areas for 2 weeks following the session.


Do not use E One if you have applied a self-tanning product on the area to be treated; wait until the effects of the self- tanning product have disappeared completely before using E One.


When used properly, the risk of adverse effects, such skin rashes or burns, is extremely reduced but still exist. If these effects occur, you must stop using the device immediately.

A simple solution is to test the device on a small area of the skin before the full session. The absence of skin reaction will enable a perfectly safe use of the device.

When your E-One hair removal device is used as directed, side effects and complications are rare. However, all cosmetic treatments, even those designed for home use, involve certain risks. This is why it is important to understand and accept these risks and possible complications when using a pulsed light hair removal system for home use.

E One may be used for the following applications:


E One may be used for the following applications:

Treatment for hair removal in relation to hormonal or idiopathic hirsutism,

E One may be used for the following applications:

Depilatory treatment for purely cosmetic purposes, on all parts of the body outside the peri-ocular region.

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