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INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser 48g

Gain pelvic floor strength

INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser 48g

Gain pelvic floor strength


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  • Easy-to-use progressive weight training
  • Up to 6 weight combinations
  • Provides quick and easy results
  • Personalises your pelvic floor training
  • Fits to the contours of your body
  • Designed for advanced weighted exercising and training

2 year warranty Official INTIMINA Retailer

What CurrentBody thinks

Build up your inner strength with the INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser.

By training and strengthening your muscles, you'll be able to enhance your intimate life and protect your overall wellbeing.

The Laselle range offers 3 different resistance weights (Light 28g, Moderate 38g and High 48g) that can be purchased separately to suit your strength level and make gradual progress.

It's an ideal way to beat bladder weaknesses, enhance intimate sensitivity or simply retrain your muscles after giving birth.

What's Inside

  • INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser 48g

Our beauty device experts are available to help you find the right product for you and then help maximise your results with advice once you've received your order.
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Take Back Control

The INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser is sperichal in shape, weighted specifically to achieve the correct internal position.

The advanced design features an inner ball that emits subtle vibrations that signals when the exerciser has reached the correct placement.

This in turn encourages the correct lifting and squeezing technique to ensure the best results.

For best results, we advise starting on the lowest weight and working your way up for maximum effect.


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