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MZ Skin Spa Headband

Keeps hair back while cleansing or masking

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MZ Skin Spa Headband

Keeps hair back while cleansing or masking

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What you need to know

  • Keeps hair in place during your skincare routine
  • Or perfect to wear when applying makeup
  • Stretchy and comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t leave any creases
  • Velcro fastening for easy use
  • Soft to touch material for a spa-like feeling

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Our Expert View

The MZ Skin Spa Headband is perfect for keeping your hair off your face during your skincare rituals. Its soft touch and stretchy material is comfortable to wear, while also not leaving any creases in your hair after removing. Simply wrap around your head whenever you are cleansing or masking.

What's Inside

  • MZ Skin Spa Headband

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

it's as simple as

Step 1: Tie your hair back if you wish.

Step 2: Wrap the headband around your head, following your hairline.

Step 3: Ensure hair is clear of your face.

Step 4: Adjust to a comfortable position.

Step 5: Fasten with the velcro strips.

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