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World-first haircare pod treatment


World-first haircare pod treatment

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  • Restores hair’s resilience and strength
  • Infuses hair with essential nutrients to hydrate and protect
  • Potent leave-in hair treatment promotes healthy hair
  • An ultra-concentrated mist that’s suitable for all hair types
  • Designed to be used with the RÉDUIT ONE applicator device
  • Contains approximately 20 applications in each recyclable pod

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What CurrentBody thinks

RÉDUIT are revolutionising the way we care for our hair with these small recyclable pods. Designed to be used with the RÉDUIT ONE device, a world-first haircare applicator device, the pods deliver a rejuvenating mist to dry, damaged hair. The Vapored Strength pods are designed to infuse hair with essential nutrients, hair will be hydrated, protected and strengthened in just seconds.

Using micro technologies, the absorption of potent ingredients is increased 3.5 times more than traditional products. Ultrasonic Diffusion technology distributes the product evenly, while Magnetic Misting delivers particles that are 50 times smaller than traditional bottled solutions. The results? Maximum efficiency and super nourished hair.

The Hairpods are fully recyclable too through the brand’s unique return & refurbishment program, meaning they have a low environmental impact.

Each pod contains approximately 20 applications when using the device for the recommended 15-30 second treatment time.

What's Inside

  • 1 x RÉDUIT Hairpods Vapored Strength

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:


RÉDUIT have cut out any unnecessary ingredients and combine only the most potent, active ingredients into each pod.

The key ingredient in this formula, Betaine HCL, is known for its abilities to strengthen and protect the hair.

Studies have shown that hair was much less prone to breakage after applying this treatment pod with the RÉDUIT ONE. 


Designed to be used with RÉDUIT ONE, your hair will be completely rejuvenated in just 30 second. Thanks to the power of its revolutionary micro technologies, the device distributes the product even across the hair, 38 times better in fact than traditional haircare products. The precise delivery of the treatment ensures the hair absorbs all of the particles, meaning you get a more effective treatment and  with less wastage. 

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