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Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Gel Nail Polish Lamp

Cure gel nails at home

Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Gel Nail Polish Lamp

Cure gel nails at home

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What you need to know

  • Automatic 30s & 60s timer
  • Open design for fingers & toes
  • Even curing every time
  • 50,000 hours of curing time
  • Motion sensor for easy use
  • Dual light source for faster curing time

2 year warranty Official Rio Retailer
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Our Expert View

The Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp is a powerful at-home gel nail curing device that helps you get the salon finish you've always dreamed of. Rio Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp reviews mention that this device will cure any brand of gel nail polish quickly and easily.

Treat yourself to a full spa day of beauty treatments by adding the Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp to your routine alongside a facial sauna and footspa. It's durable and easy to use on your toes and fingers to get a long-lasting gel manicure. And with 50,000 hours of curing time, you'll not need to worry about running out.

The motion sensor and 30 & 60-second timer mean you'll not need to fuss around with buttons while curing your nails. And the light placement of all 15 bulbs plus the dual-source LED wavelengths mean you'll get an even cure across all nails.

What's Inside

  • Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp
  • Wall Power Cable

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

why it works

The Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp works because of the powerful combination of 15 bulbs and 2 wavelengths. The dual light sources of 365nm & 405nm allow your gel manicure to cure faster than with other devices. And the open design of the lamp lets you easily set it over your toes or hands without taking the chance that you'll scuff your hard work.

Simply prep the nail beds with a standard or electric nail file. Then apply a base coat of gel & cure. Next, add 1-2 colour coats, curing in between. Then finally a topcoat, then cure. This quick process leaves you with long-lasting gel nails that take weeks to grow out and don't chip.

And the Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp timer and motion sensor mean you'll only have your hands in the device for the shortest amount of time needed to cure your nail polish.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Prep your nail beds. Plug in the lamp, adjust the timer & sensor.

Step 2: Apply a gel base coat. Cure.

Step 3: Apply 1-2 coats of gel colour. Cure between each coat.

Step 4: Apply a gel topcoat. Cure.

Step 5: Wipe with an alcohol pad if needed. Store.

make it personal

The Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp is totally versatile. Use it to create gel nail extensions or just to cure your standard gel manicure. Choose the shortest timer setting for your polish brand - 30s or 60s - to reduce the time needed to complete your manicure. Try the Rio Beauty Salon Pro UV & LED Lamp to create gel manicures and gel pedicures with ease.

Additional Information

Key Features:

Suitable for use with all UV and LED gels

Cures in as little as 10 seconds

Rechargeable & cordless design

Offers 7 hours of use when fully charged

Suitable for manicures and pedicures

Detachable, magnetic base

Motion sensor on/off activation

365nm & 405nm UV dual output

Auto timer - 10s/30s/60s

Built-in 7800mAh lithium battery

Long-life LEDs – 50,000 hours

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