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Ulike Rose IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device

Ultra-powerful & precise permanent hair removal device

Ulike Rose IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device

Ultra-powerful & precise permanent hair removal device

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What you need to know

  • Most powerful intense pulsed light device available
  • 10 power settings treat entire body in 10 minutes
  • 3 removal modes + target precision head
  • 86% saw less hair in 4 weeks
  • Skin sensor sets the pain-free intensity
  • Use once a week for 12 weeks then just top up every 1-2 months

2 year warranty Official Ulike Retailerfree-gift
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Our Expert View

The SmoothSkin Pure Fit is a super powerful IPL device with 10 energy settings ranging from 3 – 6 J / cm2 and up to 130 flashes a minute for intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal treatments. You will notice results in just 4 weeks.

In fact, across 3,000 clinical treatments, 86% saw less hair in under a month. And all the while, the SmoothSkin Pure Fit is protecting your skin. Every time it flashes, sensors check your skin and create a personalised intensity level just for you.

All about targeted treatments, pop on the Precision Head and get to those tiny areas like the lip, bikini line, toes and more. With three modes, you’ll have just the right hair removal experience for your sensitivity level.

Reach for the SmoothSkin Pure Fit to complete a 12-week initial treatment and then just one treatment every 4-8 weeks to maintain your results.

What's Inside

  • SmoothSkin Pure Fit
  • Precision Head
  • Instruction Manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

WHy it works

The SmoothSkin Pure Fit works by using powerful flashes of light to actually kill some hair follicles. Over time, with regular use, more and more of those hair follicles die - leading to permanent hair loss in areas where you want to be bare.

The SmoothSkin Pure Fit takes it one step further to prevent skin damage. It has a UV filter to block harmful rays and 10 intensity settings. The skin sensor checks your placement before each flash to deliver a bespoke treatment. And with 3 modes to choose from, you can go gentle if you have sensitive skin.

Lastly, the precision head lets you target your hair removal right where you need it to zap unwanted lip, chin, toe and bikini fuzz. With up to 130 shots a minute, do your whole body in 10 minutes for quick hair removal at home.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Shave the treatment area. Dry.

Step 2: Choose the mode, head and intensity.

Step 3: Place the SmoothSkin Pure Fit flat against the area and press the button, moving after each flash.

Step 4: When finished, clean the head and store.

make it personal

The chart shows the skin tones that are suitable for IPL treatment, these are skin tones I to V on the Fitzpatrick Scale. IPL is not suitable for skin tone VI, so you should not use the device on very dark skin tones as this may cause damage to the skin.

IPL is effective on naturally black, brown and darker blonde hair colours, but may not be as effective on red, white, grey or very light blonde hair. White and grey hair does not contain enough melanin to absorb light energy. Red hair contains a different type of melanin which is not responsive to IPL.

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