Our Background, Our Future

CurrentBody is the first company to recognise one of the fastest growing trends in the world of beauty. With modern innovation allowing manufacturers to create devices that mimic the on-site devices used by professionals in salons, spas, and clinics, CurrentBody has brought together a complete selection available for home use technology.

CurrrentBody's story started back in 2009 when Laurence and Andrew were introduced; Laurence with his background in medical devices and Andrew's vast experience in ecommerce. The concept of a website geared solely towards technology of health and wellbeing began with a range of devices that were mostly seen in physio rooms and the homes of elite athletes.

However, these EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) devices also had aesthetic programmes for slimming, facial toning and even detoxing. As their popularity grew, it became apparent that demand for safe, home use equipment with actual results was on an upward spiral.

Since 2012 there has been an influx of hand-held lasers, light-based devices, radio frequency and sonic rotating cleansing brushes. The way a person treated hair removal, facial cleansing, skin rejuvenation and slimming had a completely new dimension. CurrentBody became official online stockists of L'Oreal's Clarisonic after a stringent selection process and continue to strategically partner some of the biggest names in beauty.

This dynamic progression saw CurrentBody cementing their name as the go-to website for this new niche. Journalists have also recognised the company as thought leaders, regularly featuring the latest product pipeline in the national press.

In 2017, the health and beauty technology continues to expand, with hair regrowth devices for men and women and anti-acne solutions for younger audiences emerging as key sectors. CurrentBody's search to maintain positive skin health and youthful looks has allowed anti-ageing kits to continue their rise in popularity and still lead the race to catch Clarisonic's 15 million-selling device.

Our Mission

To consistently present CurrentBody as the pioneering online destination for home use health and beauty technology.

We aim to offer the largest selection of safe, clinically proven electrical health and beauty products in the world, supported by a team with exceptional product knowledge and who provide excellent customer care.

Our Key Dates

  • 2012

    Appointed official stockists for Clarisonic

  • 2013

    Exclusive contracts with LPG and official stockists of Iluminage and Tria

  • 2014

    Appointment of Chairman, Mike McGrath, and Director, David Hughes

  • 2015

    SDA with Smoothskin, T3 and NuFACE

  • 2016

    Moved to purpose-built warehouse

  • 2017

    Simon Cooper appointed Non-Executive Director and Tiff Pike as Chief Financial Officer

  • 2018

    NVM Private equity leads significant growth capital investment

Our Board

Laurence Newman
Founder & CEO

Laurence graduated from Manchester University in Business and began selling professional aesthetic devices. He has over twenty years experience in the health and beauty industry and set up CURRENTBODY.com after recognising the growth potential in home use devices.
Andrew Showman
Founder & Ecommerce Director

Andrew graduated in Maths from Leeds University in 2002. He began a fast growing digital camera ecommerce company. Using his experience in online sales and marketing he co-founded CURRENTBODY.com.
Mike McGrath

Mike has over 30 years of experience working with fast-growing companies both in the UK and internationally, acting as a chairman of a number of companies in the technology sector. A qualified solicitor, Mike has previously been partner in two major national law firms before moving into senior management roles.
Tiff Pike
Chief Financial Officer

Tiff has over 20 years of executive experience covering all aspects of the strategic, financial, commercial and legal operations of fast-growing SME's. A chartered accountant, Tiff worked at Ernst & Young before taking on numerous CFO roles as well as sitting on the board of numerous ventures.
David Hughes
Non-executive Director

David has 30 years of experience in the medical, dental and beauty technology sectors, most notably with Philips Electronics and L'Oreal. David was responsible for the Sonicare brand in the UK and Asia Pacific and for the Avent and Clarisonic brands globally.
Simon Cooper
Non-executive Director

Simon lends great insight to CurrentBody, having founded his first online company over 20 years ago. A university student with a business idea that gave students budget-friendly ski holidays, Simon sold his business to Thomson in 2008. Understanding the travel industry and customers' needs, Simon created On the Beach in 2004, which now has a 17% share of the UK online short-haul beach holiday market.

Our Senior Management Team

Rachel Duggan
Marketing Manager

Trading the Middle East for Manchester, Rachel moved to the UK after seven years in Dubai, where most recently, she led the digital operations for a successful online fashion business. A former freelance writer who has a way with words, especially when it comes to products, Rachel works on all elements of content and ecommerce for CurrentBody, as well as making sure D6 runs like a well-oiled machine.
Emily Buckwell
Brand Manager

If there is a new beauty device or trend on the horizon, you can be sure Emily knows about it. CurrentBody's Brand Manager and resident Product Expert, Emily is a true home-use beauty device advocate. Responsible for managing our strategic brand relationships and forging a crucial link between our brands and our customers, Emily is passionate about matching the right product with the right customer.
Stephen Sipocz
Financial Controller

Stephen joins CurrentBody as Financial Controller after heading up an independent fashion retailer in Manchester for 25 years. Not only does Stephen bring a wealth of accounting expertise to the team as well as management experience, but Stephen's keen interest in music and fashion have also raised the male style stakes in the office.
Sophie Longmoor
Purchasing Manager

A logistics fanatic with over 15 years of experience in ecommerce, Sophie has worked in every type of online business from fashion to furniture, sheet music to micro-gadgets, and now health and beauty. Her depth of knowledge in ecommerce operating systems, as well as her ability to keep all the essential behind-the-scenes elements moving, allows CurrentBody to continue to lead the industry as the destination for home use beauty devices.