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Mason Pearson Combs


Handcrafted using traditional techniques 

Mason Pearson Combs

Handcrafted using traditional techniques 


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Free delivery & simple returns

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  • Handcrafted 
  • Comfortably massages the scalp 
  • Stylish tortoise shell design
  • Perfectly rounded edges makes for a comfortable combing experience 
  • Polished teeth easily glide through the hair 
  • Evenly distributes products and natural oils through the ends of the hair 

Over 500 thousand Mason Pearson products sold worldwide Official Mason Pearson Retailer

What CurrentBody thinks

Elegantly designed and handcrafted for comfort, Mason Pearson combs have been created with care.

Each comb is handmade from the finest celluloid material that is also used to make designer eyewear, producing smooth tapered teeth and rounded tips that are gentle on the scalp.

Finished by hand, the combs have been designed to ensure the best possible results. From a dressing and styling combs, to combs that detangle, whatever style you are looking to create, there’s a Mason and Pearson comb for it.

What's Inside

  • Comb of your choice

Our beauty device experts are available to help you find the right product for you and then help maximise your results with advice once you've received your order.
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A Comb for Every Occasion 

Dressing Comb: Perfect for daily combing, the dressing comb’s teeth have been perfectly polished for ultimate comfort.

Detangling Comb: Designed for comfort, the teeth of this comb have been designed to avoid snagging or pulling the hair.

Styling Comb: Seamlessly constructed, this stylish tortoise shell styling comb gently glides through the hair whilst the rounded teeth are gentle on the scalp.

Pocket Comb: Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, this pocket-sized comb can come with you wherever you are.

Rake Comb: Ideal for thicker hair, this wide-toothed comb moves effortlessly through thick or afro hair without pulling or tugging.


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